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A record crowd of 23,147 enjoyed an unforgettable day on campus.

Story by UCF Knights April 17th, 2016

relive the #UCFastival in 30 seconds!

Lettermen's softball game

The old(er) alumni took it to the young guys, 20-7.

16 UCF FB Letter_351.JPG
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UCF shut out USF, 4-0, thanks in large part to Robby Howell’s dominating 7-inning, 1-hit outing.

16UCF BBvUSF1_003 .JPG
16UCF BBvUSF1_066 .JPG
16UCF BBvUSF1_093 .JPG
16UCF BBvUSF1_124 .JPG
16UCF BBvUSF1_132 .JPG
16UCF BBvUSF1_143 .JPG
16UCF BBvUSF1_099 .JPG
File Apr 16, 10 45 23 PM.jpeg

The scene

Whether it was tailgating, food trucks or taking in live music, the atmosphere was top-notch.

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16 UCFastival_040.JPG
File Apr 16, 10 56 10 PM.jpeg


The Monster Energy Freestyle MX show was insane.

16 UCFastival_438.JPG
16 UCFastival_373.JPG
16 UCFastival_344.JPG
File Apr 16, 11 01 30 PM.jpeg

game time!

It was a battle, but Gold captured the spring game, 21-10. Recap

16 UCF FB SPR15_002.JPG
16 UCF FB SPR15_162.JPG
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highlights, get your highlights!

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Footnote: Photos by Brad Helton, Simone Amaduzzi and Eric DeSalvo